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Zalm Bezuinigingen

Wild salmon

Discover the cream of the crop at Fish & Seafood Waasdorp! We introduce the delicious and healthy wild Alaska salmon, an ecologically responsible choice. Unlike farmed salmon, this fish comes from the clean waters of the North Pacific Ocean, where there are no fish farms. This allows us to guarantee that our Alaska salmon has not been crossed with farmed salmon, so that the pure taste and quality are retained.

Wild Alaska salmon has a unique nutritional profile and offers numerous health benefits. With a significant amount of Omega-3 oil, it helps to lower cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Unlike most farmed salmon species, our wild salmon provides these health benefits due to its natural diet and habitat.

In addition to the taste and health benefits, wild Alaska salmon is also ecologically responsible. Fishing for this salmon species is strictly controlled and enforced with strict rules to ensure the conservation of the wild fish population. Small-scale fishing boats use lines instead of drift nets, which is better for the ecosystem and improves fish structure and taste. Our wild salmon is treated with care and respect, making the taste experience superior to that of farmed salmon.

At Fish & Seafood Waasdorp you can enjoy fresh wild salmon during the fresh season, from the end of June to September. After this season we also offer frozen and smoked wild salmon, so you can enjoy this tasty fish all year round. Taste the pure taste of wild Alaska salmon and discover the healthy and ecologically responsible choice that we offer you. Visit our fish shop and be informed and advised by our expert team about the many culinary options with wild salmon.

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