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Catering from Fish & Seafood Waasdorp

We are known for our delicious, high-quality fish and seafood. But did you know that you can also enjoy our specialties at your own location? Fish & Seafood Waasdorp offers an extensive catering menu with various options to complete your event.

Oysters on location

You can contact us for cracking (Opening) Oysters at your party! We have an Oyster Cart or Oyster Boat at our disposal to decorate the location. Available with or without Oyster Cracker. You can also order already opened Oysters on Ice from us. Ready to eat.

Fried fish on location

On location a fried fish, kibbeling, gourd, plaice fillet or sole. For large groups, for lunch or as a snack in combination with a drink and/or sandwiches. At an opening, reaching the highest point of construction, completing paving, just as a thank you or when there is something to celebrate. Launching / Doping of a Ship and even a condolence. Inquire about the possibilities.

Fish smokehouse on location

Something to celebrate or just a nice get together? Herring party on location, we have various old Dutch herring carts available from large to small. For indoors and/or outdoors. Available with or without controls. Herring freshly cut from the knife on location is also possible. We can also provide festively decorated dishes with herring. The sliced herring are freshly cut and delivered with or without the herring cart. Onion cubes and acid and disposables are also available from us. We can also supply ice for your drinks.


  • Available for your Mussel Party on location.

  • Stove with gas bottle and large mussel pan.

  • Cozy in the garden or in the clubhouse or on the  company.

  • Available with or without controls.

Paella on location

  • Freshly prepared paella on location. Enjoy this typical Spanish dish. Choice of: vegetarian, fish/meat, fish & seafood.

  • Depending on the group size and available budget, we can make a quote. Small paella pan is enough for approximately 25 people, large paella pan for approximately 50 people. Several pans are available.

Fish smokehouse on location

Fish smokehouse on location is one of the many options. A workshop on how to smoke fish and immediately enjoy the warm fish from the smoker. Inquire about the possibilities. Depending on the group size and fish species to be smoked.

Contact us for questions or information:

+31 (0) 255 512 796

+31 (0) 620 609 831

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