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To guarantee the high quality of the caviar, an extremely efficient process is used. Once the sturgeons are caught at a depth of ten to twenty meters, they are quickly brought ashore via the nearby transfer stations. In the wooden buildings above the water, caviar masters are ready to process the catch with the utmost attention to perfection and hygiene.

Once on land, the delicate process of extracting, processing and packaging the caviar begins. It is essential that this entire process is carried out accurately and quickly to maintain the freshness and quality of the caviar. That is why the caviar is removed from the fish, processed and packaged within nine minutes. Each precious caviar egg is handled with care to preserve the best taste and texture.

The quality rating of the caviar is determined by various factors, including freshness, quality and hygiene. These aspects are closely monitored by a strict joint control in Iran. The sturgeon habitat, streamlined processing process, tightly planned transport and proper storage of the caviar are all subject to thorough inspections to ensure that only the highest quality caviar reaches the market.

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