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Lobster & Crab

At Fish & Seafood Waasdorp, the fish shop specialized in fresh fish and seafood, you can enjoy a wide selection of live lobsters and crabs. Various weights of Canadian Lobster and European Oosterschelde Lobster are also available in the homarium. The homarium has been carefully designed to provide the optimal conditions in which these crustaceans remain alive and of top quality, ensuring a tasty culinary experience.

To increase convenience for our customers, we at Fish & Seafood Waasdorp offers a unique service. Upon request, the live lobsters and crabs can be cooked for you free of charge. If desired, they can even be halved, so that you can enjoy them at home immediately without further preparation. Whether you want to serve the lobsters and crabs cold as a refreshing starter or choose to warm them up in the oven for a hot main course, it is all possible and adapted to your preferences.

Fish & Seafood Waasdorp attaches great importance to the freshness and quality of its products. The live lobsters and crabs are treated with the utmost care and placed in the homarium immediately after catch. This allows us to always offer you the freshest and most vibrant shellfish. Our dedicated team of experts ensure that the lobsters and crabs remain healthy and active until they are ready for sale. This way you are assured of the best taste and texture with every purchase.

In addition to the homarium, Fish & Seafood Waasdorp a wide range of other fish and seafood of excellent quality. Our store is a paradise for fresh fish lovers, where you can choose from an extensive range of fresh fish fillets, shellfish, mussels and much more. With our passion for quality and our knowledge of the sea, we strive to provide you with the very best fishing experience. Whether you are a professional chef or simply a fish and seafood lover, at Fish & Seafood Waasdorp you will always find the perfect ingredients for your next culinary creation.

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