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Oysters and shells

At Fish & Seafood Waasdorp we strive to offer our customers the best service, even when it comes to opening oysters. We understand that opening an oyster requires a technique that not everyone masters. That is why we offer the option to open the oysters for you upon request. Our experienced staff ensures that the oysters are opened carefully, without affecting the delicate meat and taste quality. The oysters are then placed on ice, so you can easily take them with you and enjoy this delicious delicacy at home.

In addition to the ease of opening oysters, we at Fish & Seafood Waasdorp also has a wide choice of different types of oysters. We strive to offer high quality oysters from various locations. Whether you prefer Zeeland oysters from the Netherlands, Gillardeau oysters from France or other international varieties, you will find them all with us. Our oysters are carefully selected based on freshness and taste, so you are assured of an authentic and delicious oyster experience.

Oysters are known for their unique taste and texture, and are often associated with luxury and sophistication. They are not only delicious to eat raw, but can also be prepared in different ways, such as grilled, fried or steamed. Should you need advice on oyster preparation or suggestions for matching sauces or wine, our expert team is always ready to help you. At Fish & Seafood Waasdorp we strive to make your oyster experience complete, from purchase to preparation and enjoyment at the table.

Are you looking for fresh, high-quality oysters, but do you still find opening them a challenge? Then come visit Fish & Seafood Waasdorp and take advantage of our service to open the oysters for you. With our wide choice of oysters and our expert team, we guarantee an unforgettable oyster experience. Whether you are an oyster lover or want to discover this delicacy, we welcome you to our fish shop to provide you with the best oysters the sea has to offer.

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