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Live fish

Fish & Seafood Waasdorp, the renowned fish shop located in IJmuiden-Haven, installed completely new live tanks in 2011. These living tanks are specially designed by Sealife, the specialist in seawater aquariums. On the window side of the store there is a combination tank where live Turbot, Lobster, Crab and shellfish such as Scallops, Oysters and Razorbills are kept alive. This innovative system ensures that customers have the opportunity to admire the live fish and shellfish before making their choice. At Fish & Seafood Waasdorp you are assured of a lively fishing experience!

One of the specialties at Fish & Seafood Waasdorp is the sustainably farmed turbot. This type of fish is known for its delicate taste and high quality. On request, the turbots can be filleted for you, so that you can easily enjoy this special fish at home. For more information about the origin of this turbot, please visit the website of Seafarm, a renowned company from Zeeland. Seafarm also supplies other live shellfish such as cockles, periwinkles, seaducks and razor clams to Fish & Seafood Waasdorp, making the fish shop's range even richer and more varied.

At Fish & Seafood Waasdorp we are always ready to offer you the best service. In addition to admiring the live fish and crustaceans in our live tanks, we would like to invite you to visit our fish specialty store. Our expert team are on hand to help you make your choice and advise you on the different fish and seafood options. If you don't have time to come by, we also offer the option to order a live fish online. This way you can enjoy the fresh and vibrant fish, delivered directly to your home.

Fish & Seafood Waasdorp is the destination for lovers of fresh fish and seafood. With our extensive selection of live seafood, and the passion with which we select our products, we offer an unparalleled fishing experience. Come by, be inspired by the beautiful living tanks and discover the fresh flavors that the sea has to offer. Our team is ready to welcome you and fulfill your fishing wishes!

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